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general information


General InformationPrices

Programmes are priced by the season as follows unless otherwise stated:

46/7 £20, 47/8 £18, 48/9 £16, 49/50 £15, 50/1 £14, 51/2 £13, 52/3 £12, 53/4 £11, 54/5 £10, 55/6 £8, 56/7 & 57/8 £6, 58/9 & 59/60 £5, 60/1 & 61/2 £5, 62/3 & 63/4 £4, 64/5 & 65/6 £3,66/7 to 69/70 £2, 70/1 onwards £1 unless cover price higher or stated.

Telephone enquiries

Although email is our preferred method of communication we are happy to answer any genuine query between 10.00am & 5.00pm. Monday to Friday. +44 (0) 1923 861468


Please print off the order form from the order form page and list the items you require (together with description of sections in which they appear. Orders on plain paper are equally acceptable .


Postage must be added to all orders under £100. As the size and weight of programmes vary from a small single piece of paper to a large magazine weighing half a kilo, it is impossible to accurately state postage costs. If paying by the preferred method of blank cheque we will fill in the exact amount and advise you of this with the return of your programmes. Otherwise, if your order is up to £25 allow £3, up to £50 allow £4, up to £75 allow £5 or up to £100 allow £6. Any excess will of course be refunded. Completed orders exceeding £100 are despatched post-free. Regrettably free postage cannot be extended to overseas clients.


We aim to turnaround orders within 14 days of receipt. Sometimes it can be within a few days but please allow 28 days before chasing an order.

Minimum order

Minimum order accepted is £10. Due to administration costs it is preferred that payment for orders under £15 be in uncrossed postal orders. As all our outgoing mail is franked we cannot accept stamps as a method of payment.


Postal orders, cheques (made payable to D.Allen) and cash are all acceptable. If paying by cheque please leave the amount payable blank but endorsed "not to exceed…(the highest possible total for your order)" . We will then fill in the correct amount, depending on availability and inform you of the exact figure with your order. You do not have to use this method but it does eliminate the use of credit notes.

Additionally we are also happy to accept paypal as a method of payment for any programmes on our website. Please make payments to

Overseas clients

Banknotes of Pounds sterling, Euro, US Dollars, any cheque drawn in sterling or paypal are the only acceptable methods of payment. Please do not send cheques drawn in foreign currencies. We accept Euro banknotes at the fixed exchange rate of £1 = 1.25 Euro and Dollars at £1 = 1.75 Dollars.


Condition of programmes is good for their age unless stated. However, we do offer a full refund guarantee provided that the item(s) is(are) returned within 7 days of purchase. We ask that you state the reason for returning anything.


1) relating to programme condition sl = slight cr = creased fld = fold ph = punched holes ce = cellotaped edge tc = team changes on front cover tm = token missing from outside cover sof/wof - score/writing on front sld = soiled mk = marked

2) relating to Cup Competitions FAC = FA Cup LC = League Cup LCC = London Challenge Cup OL = Opening of Lights Test = Testimonial YC = Youth Cup